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    The 2018/2019 Racing Plan Calls for EOI

    THEKEY Scientific Research Fund (“THEKEY Fund”) has been officially launched on June 30th, 2018, which is founded by 乐虎国际vip-乐虎体育直播app-乐虎国际vip THEKEY Fund is dedicated to developments and applications of blockchain technologies in social insurance services. It will focus on social insurance data especially healthcare insurance data which is one of the major digital assets of the whole society closely related to people's livelihood.

    At initial phase, THEKEY Fund is fully funded by Ebaonet. The total funds of the first phase are 20 million US dollars for a period of 5 years, and will be distributed according to annual work plan.

    The 2018/2019 Projects of The Racing Plan under THEKEY Fund is calling for Expression of Interests. It is open to universities and research institutes worldwide, and will support projects in the following areas:

    • Blockchain technology applications in China social insurance services

    • Security and supervision mechanism for data commercialization and socialized application in China social insurance services

    • By utilizing medical insurance data to establish national Group Purchase Organizations for medical resources

    Applicable: July 15th to December 31th, 2018

    Application: Download the attachments, read in details, fill in the “Sample EOI and Application Template” and email to fund@ebaonet.cn, and then send the hard copy with official seal to the address below.

    Contact: Lina.Zhou

    Telephone: 010-84682608-8021

    E-mail: fund@ebaonet.cn

    Address: Floor 12B, Tower 2, Kunsha Center, No.16 Xin Yuanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

    乐虎国际vip-乐虎体育直播app-乐虎国际vip is a leading provider for online Social Security services nationally. Our aim to “offer the most convenient social insurance service” has shaped our impressive growth since we were established on Nov 28th 2014. We have a deep understanding of our nation’s social insurance business as well as vast technical experience in the health data processing business. This has allowed us to provide high quality and convenient smart social insurance services.

    We have developed 3 App products: Healthcare Insurance 123, Social Insurance 123 and Human Resources & Social Insurance 123. On top of this, we also provide many other functions including medicine purchase based on smart social insurance, healthcare treatment based on smart social insurance, and smart social insurance pay. These services enable us to satisfy the diverse demands of insurants in the fields of information inquiry, healthcare treatment, medicine purchase, pension and employment.

    Ebaonet, which has nearly 100 employees, is headquartered in Beijing with several branches in Harbin, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Kaifeng. Our wholly owned subsidiary, Heilongjiang Teshi Information Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Harbin and specializes in data processing.

    We are guided by the values: kindness, responsibility, pragmatism and persistence. These values influence the development of our online social insurance service to best serve and benefit the people.


    Tele: 010-84682608


    Add: Floor 12B, Tower 2, Kunsha Center, No.16 Xin Yuanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    Heilongjiang Teshi Information Technology Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Branch

    Tele: 0451-55550298

    Add: Floor 8, Tower A1, China Cloud Valley Software Park, No.9 Songhua Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

    Hangzhou Branch

    Tele: 0571-87110590

    Add: Room 10A, Ruifeng International Business Tower, No. 258, Zhonghezhong Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

    Guangzhou Branch

    Tele: 020-37574580/81/83

    Fax: 020-37574582

    Add: Room 3107, Tianyu Business Building, No. 753 Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province